I've made a new website of my work: http://www.andyespinoza.com/ I've also recently made a tumblr page: http://andyespinozaart.tumblr.com/

44 x 20 Mixed Media on Paper
I have been accepted into The Art Department's Career Mentorship program and will be mentored by John English and Brent Watkinson to build a portfolio of new work. I’m excited and look forward to the challenge!

30 x 14 Charcoal on Paper

30 x 20 Charcoal on Paper

24 x 22 Charcoal on Paper

12 x 19 Oil on Canvas
I am currently attending the Illustration Academy in Kansas City, MO and it is absolutely amazing so far! I highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning about picture making from some of the top illustrators in the industry.

Feel free to follow my tumblr page: http://andyespinozaart.tumblr.com/

30 x 22 Mixed media on paper

Charcoal on Paper

30 x 22 Charcoal on Paper

30 x 22 Charcoal and NuPastel on Paper

I've finally moved to Kansas City and am settled into the new studio at "The Art Department". The school so far is wonderful and I am in love with the space! The picture above is my work area in the studio and where I'll be spending most of my days and nights. The faculty have been incredible and the students are hardworking and dedicated to their craft. I have alot to learn and am excited to see how my art grows through out the program.